Terms of Business

1. Personal Data Privacy

In the case AceLegal receives any person data from the client, AceLegal will not use the personal data except as is strictly necessary to perform our services.

AceLegal will not pass on or disclose any personal data to third parties except as required by law and AceLegal will comply with all applicable Hong Kong laws governing the protection of personal data. Please refer to our Privacy Policy.

2. Our Company

AceLegal is not a practicing law firm.

3. External Service Provider

If necessary, AceLegal may, on your behalf, seek assistance from law firms or other professional parties in different jurisdictions to assist on your matter. While AceLegal will only engage such other parties with your prior approval, you shall be directly responsible for the fees due to such other parties.

4. Our Fees

Our fees are usually fixed unless otherwise agreed with you. In case that you have instructed us to carry out any work outside our original scope of work and there has not been any agreed fee or it is not suitable or possible to accurately estimate the amount of work that may be involved, our hourly rates of HK$1,200 would generally apply.

If your instruction falls outside the original scope, AceLegal will always first seek your acknowledgement before charging you additional fees. This way you do not need to worry that your original budget is affected without your prior acknowledgement and confirmation.

5. Our Liability

We will always strive to produce a high and professional level of work quality. While your work will be done by relevant professionals and will be reviewed by qualified lawyers, AceLegal will not be liable to you except to the extent that any direct loss or damage is incurred by you as caused by our gross negligence or willful misconduct. Our maximum liability towards any engagement is the fees received related to such engagement.

6. Tax

Payment of our fees in Hong Kong is generally not subject to tax or duties. If at any time any law requires you to make any deduction or withholding from a payment of an invoice for our fees and charges, such as withholding tax, you agree to notify us and, simultaneously with paying the invoice, shall pay AceLegal an additional amount that, after taking into account any deductions or withholdings from, or taxes on, the additional amount, will mean that AceLegal receives the full amount of our invoice as if no deductions or withholdings had been made.

You shall not deduct the bank’s remittance or transfer charge from the amount payable to us under an invoice.

7. Duty of Confidentiality

AceLegal will keep your affairs confidential and will take such steps as AceLegal in good faith think fit to preserve confidential information from unauthorised disclosure both during and after termination of this engagement.

However, you agree that AceLegal may include, in a list of matters which AceLegal uses for promotional and internal purposes, including but not limited to your identity as our client, a summary description of all completed matters. Save for such description or as may be required by law, confidential information relating to the matter will not be disclosed by us.

8. Termination

You may terminate your instructions to us in writing at any time. If our engagement is terminated before your work is completed, AceLegal will only charge you in accordance with the time spent on your work based on our hourly rate as mentioned in paragraph 4 above (which is capped by the amount originally quoted).

9. Law and Jurisdiction

Your engagement as confirmed by email and these Terms of Business shall be governed by Hong Kong law. You agree to submit irrevocably to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Hong Kong Courts in the event of any dispute arising between you and us.

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